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Transition day with early showers and winds but peeks of sun

Transition day with early showers and winds but peeks of sun

Highs do move in the right direction as we top out in the low 60s.

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UPDATE: Agreement reached between City of Ruthven, county auditor on voting issue

In March the city of Ruthven unanimously approved providing funding to the county auditor to purchase the equipment, allowing the

President Trump denounces Democratic investigations and Mueller probe in the Rose Garden

“This whole thing was a take-down attempt of the president of the United States,” Trump said, slamming House Speaker Nancy

Graduation gift spending expected to exceed $5 billion this year

The most popular gift for new grads is cash, with about 53 percent of gift givers planning to give cash

Lilly selling half-price version of popular Humalog insulin

The Indianapolis drugmaker said insulin lispro will cost $137.35 per vial, or $265.20 for a package of five KwikPens, an easier-to-inject

Gov. Reynolds blocks bill aimed at stopping anti-Trump suits

Iowa would have been the only state in the nation to approve such limits.

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