Big Sioux crests below projections; major flooding avoided

The Big Sioux is still out of its banks.

The National Weather Service had predicted that the Big Sioux would hit a record high level later on Friday, but now, the service says it topped out at about one o’clock that morning at about 105-and-a-half-feet.

That’s more than two-feet below the previous record.

Lt. Gov. Matt Michels (R) of South Dakota said, “The water flow as it peaked, and in talking about a wave as I did yesterday to mix my metaphors, it actually is going to be with us longer than anticipated because it was more diffuse. It wasn’t being shot through the hose. It’s filling out other areas; therefore, it will be with us longer, which will create other issues.”

The latest calculations from the National Weather Service show the Big Sioux won’t fall back to pre-flood levels until next Wednesday.




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