BPI pledges $100,000 contribution to USS Sioux City

BPI President, Eldon Roth, announced a $100,000 commitment to the USS Sioux City Commissioning Committee from the company. 

Roth announced the contribution Thursday morning with members of the future USS Sioux City crew in Sioux City for Veterans Day and other activities.

Roth said, “I have always been, and remain deeply appreciative of the men and women in uniform who take an oath to defend freedom around the world.  Let this contribution signify how grateful my family, as well as our company are to those courageous service members who sacrifice so much to protect American values and our way of life across the globe.”

The Chairman of the USS Sioux City Commissioning Committee, Rear Admiral Frank Thorp IV, USN (Ret.) said the Commissioning Committee has established a fundraising goal of between $800,000 and $1 million. 

“This substantial gift will serve to cement the connection between this remarkable ship, her exceptional crew, and the extraordinary people of Sioux City,” Rear Admiral Frank Thorp IV, USN (Ret.) said.”  “Not only will BPI’s generous contribution lay the foundation for the decades-long relationship between the ship and the namesake city, but it will also serve as a catalyst for our ongoing fundraising efforts.” 

A portion of these contributions will be used to build a “Legacy Fund.”

It will be used for educational expenses for the sailors and crew of the USS Sioux City and a percentage of these resources will be allocated to cover costs associated with the ship’s commissioning as federal funds are prohibited from use for such activities.  

While the United States Navy has confirmed that the commissioning will take place at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, a specific date for commissioning has yet to be established. 

Officials close to the process anticipate that a date will be set for the spring or early summer of 2018.   

If you would like to make a contribution go here.



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