USS Sioux City crew members meet with Veterans

Members of the USS Sioux City got to sit down and speak one-on-one with local veterans and community members. 

They had several chances throughout the day to sit down with those who have served before them. 

Veterans were able to tell their stories with the crew, and share common and not so common experiences. 

Members of the crew say they were very interested to hear stories of veterans time serving our country. 

And for the veterans, they say the time spent with members of the crew was something very fun to do. 

"Well, we talked about the Navy, of course. I did not serve on a ship, I was a JAG officer for three years with the general court Marshall in San Diego but, I represented a lot of sailors in legal proceedings, including a ship collision investigation skipper so, I had an interesting time visiting with the skipper about that," says Navy Veteran Marvin Heidman.

Members of the USS Sioux City crew say it’s amazing to hear the stories of veterans. 



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Sunny and windy again Sunday with warmer temperatures

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