USS Sioux City crew members meet with Veterans for breakfast

Saturday, Veterans were able to get a free meal at Hy Vee in Sioux City to celebrate the day.

Veterans lined up for breakfast and conversation this morning.

Veterans were able to sit down and speak with one another.

They were also able to speak with members of the USS Sioux City, today.

Veterans say it was a special opportunity for them to be able to meet  USS Sioux City members.

“The captain just came up to me and said hi to me and I’m telling you what, he remembered me, he says he remembers the hat. We talked and laughed. He has good comments about us, about Sioux City and I’m impressed with the ship anyways,” says Veteran Chuck Jenkins.

It was an event members of the USS Sioux City say they enjoyed.

“I’ve met a few Navy Veterans here, so far. I actually ran into an electronic technician chief and we had some talk about how old radios and new radios work together now. I’ve met a retired Navy who went to the academy where we’re going to be commissioning the ship, so he told me all about his adventures at the academy and it’s just been an honor to be here and talk to you guys,” says PO1 Daniel Lane

USS Sioux City members were at both the Hamilton and Gordon Drive Hy Vee location Saturday morning.



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