DECISION 2018: Gov. Ricketts, Sen. Fischer win republican nomination

The Belvedere Club in Papillion, Nebraska was full of cheer Tuesday night.

GOP primary candidates and supporters filled the room, and celebrated a victory.

Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska has won the Republican nomination in her bid for a second term in office.

Fischer defeated four GOP challengers in Tuesday’s primary election and says that her success is all because of her supporters.

"We’ve shown that we’ve been effective," said Sen. Deb Fischer. "I’ve been ranked as the 13th most effective senator in the United States Senate. And that’s because you and I work together."

President Donald Trump showed his endorsement for the senator, and tweeted earlier Tuesday: "Nebraska – make sure you get out to the polls and VOTE for Deb Fischer today!"

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts  easily won the Republican nomination to seek a second term in November.

He says, he wants all Nebraskans to live the "Good Life".

"Nebraska is what America is supposed to be," said Gov. Pete Ricketts. "We have the best place in the world to live, work, and raise a family. And while we certainly have challenges, I see bundles opportunities ahead of us. What we have to do, is unleash the potential of our people."    

Ricketts defeated Krystal Gabel of Omaha, a technical writer who advocates for medical marijuana and industrial hemp. 

Both victors say their main goal moving forward, is to better the lives of their fellow Nebraskans.     



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