Man part of effort to provide bicycles to the community

In the back of BAK BMW you’ll find something sure to warm your heart.

It’s a bunch of bicycles that are just waiting for a new home.

"We get donated bikes in and we refurbish them and get them back into the community for the people who need them." said Dave Bak, bike restorer.

The program was started by Frank Brinkerhoff, who Dave Bak knew from the Siouxland Cyclists club.

Brinkerhoff passed away in 2014.

That fall, Bak took over the project and shifted the focus slightly, to increase output.

Almost any bicycle that is offered will be accepted.

"If a bicycle isn’t worthy of being reconditioned it usually has something it can donate to us. Whether it’s a seat, a set of handlebars or a wheel." said Bak.

Last year around 300 bicycles were donated to the project, then restored and given out.

"You get some people that almost cry. You get excited kids that are jumping up and down." said Bak.

Bak says he feels it’s a necessary effort.

"If you’ve got a time or a talent or money; whatever you have, you need to give back to the community. You need to be a gracious member of society and provide somebody else with something you can." said Bak.

But the pleasure is all his.

"You know, it’s just a feel-good moment when you get somebody excited about riding." said Bak.

He’s giving back to the community, two wheels at a time.



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