Quota International of Sioux City hosts picnic for deaf students

Quota International of Sioux City hosted a special picnic for deaf students.

The picnic was to allow students with hearing difficulties to mingle together in a social setting.

The students got to play at Miracle Field, communicate through sign language, pot plants to take home and were treated to pizza.

Tammie Saul the President of the Quota International says it’s a rewarding experience.

"It’s kind of rewarding experience because you don’t really think about the struggles that they face and having to overcome that. They get a chance to be with their peers, sign with their peers, and just have a good time." Tammie Saul, President of Quota International of Sioux City

Quota International of Sioux City is a service club that supports empowering women, children, the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and speech-impaired in our local area. 



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