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FCC Commissioner, Sen. Deb Fischer looks into rural Nebraska broadband business

It was a big day for leaders in the broadband world in Nebraska. 

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and Senator Deb Fischer made stops in Norfolk and Stanton to discuss the future of broadband. 

The pair toured Stanton Telecom and well as the local VFW in Stanton. 

The pair kicked off their afternoon at Stanton Telecom. 

They got a first hand look at how a broadband business works in a rural community. 

And after that, they sat down with broadband leaders from across the state. 

They talked about issues that matter most to them and what can help Nebraska become more competitive in urban areas. 

One big topic of conversation?

How broadband can help expand agriculture. 

"When you think about today’s farm, there’s a massive, massive amount of data that’s being collected at these farms. To truly put that data to use you need to get a broadband connection to take that data back to the cloud where it can be crunched and then put back in the farm," says FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr. 

Carr says there needs to be work done in Washington D.C to make sure that farmers get the connectivity that can help them in their business. 

Carr says they have to find away to make sure entire farms get that broadband and when they do they will be able to see real time results so things like seeding and the depth to plant seeds at can be adjusted. 


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