Noem speaks with South Dakota voters before primary election

Tuesday is a busy day for Iowa and South Dakota voters.

In the days leading up to the June 5 Republican Primary election, U.S. Representative for South Dakota, Kristi Noem took to the road as part of her "All In Tour."

U.S. Representative Kristi Noem was in Yankton, South Dakota on Monday speaking with voters ahead of Tuesday night’s republican primary.

The republican candidate for governor says her All-In Tour is important, to ask South Dakotans for their vote in person.

She wants voters to feel assured she can fill the shoes of governor.

"We need a governor that can hit the ground running," said Rep. Kristi Noem, (R) Candidate for Governor. "My background in business, serving in the state legislature, now representing South Dakota in D.C. is just a background of experience that no other candidate has."

Noem says that she has made staple promises to the people of South Dakota-

"I wasn’t going to raise their taxes, I’m not going to grow the size of state government," adds Noem. "I’ve put out a transparency plan very early in the campaign because I believe that we need to stop a lot of the scandals and lawsuits that tax payers have been on the hook for."
The candidate said if she wins the primary, she will still be able to uphold her duties as U.S. Representative, and campaign for governor. 

"I take my job very seriously representing South Dakota," says Noem. "We have a farm bill we’re doing right now, and there are only a handful of us in the house writing it. So I am wholeheartedly engaged in that."

Noem said that she will spend most of her day on Tuesday, enjoying time with family, and be in Sioux Falls Tuesday night.

Noem says she believes South Dakota is an agricultural, and small business state.

Noem will face South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley in Tuesday’s Republican gubernatorial primary.

The winner moves on to the November general election.

Incumbent Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard is term-limited, and can’t run again.



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