Process begins to dismantle the SSC grain elevator

The Anderson Farms grain elevator explosion has disrupted this South Sioux City, Nebraska community for more than a week.

But with the efforts of many, dismantling the structure is underway.

"The construction company is here, they were here yesterday and worked into the evening and they were here really really early this morning working," said, Police Chief Ed Mahon with the South Sioux City Police Department. 

The primary focus is to make the area safe, so it’s no longer dangerous, and residents can make it back to their homes. 

"As soon as we hear as soon as they put out that it’s safe they know where to go we’re ready to go we’ll get these people back in the house just as fast as we can," Mahon said.  

The biggest concern right now is if the bin decides to come down on its own time and not according to plan. But safety measures and precautions are being taken place. 

"What he’s doing is the groundwork that comes before anything to happen to the tower section. I mean there’s so many different aspects that have to be looked at before it can be just taken down," Mahon said. 

Taken down safely so life can get back to normal once again. 

Currently, 24 to 26 residents remain evacuated from their homes. 

A meeting will take place for those residents, Friday at 5:00 p.m., at South Sioux City, City Hall.

South Sioux City has shared a live stream of the site on their Facebook page. You can watch it here.  



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