Volcanic eruption impacting mission trips in Guatemala

The volcanic eruption in Guatemala has taken its toll on many people in the country, including some residents from Sioux City who were on the ground when the disaster happened.

It has been confirmed those Siouxlanders are safe.

Paradise Bound is Christian mission organization that coordinates and organizes mission trips to the country. They say some of the group currently in the area, including those from Sioux City, are reassessing their mission goals, after the eruption. 

Some are shifting their focus from building houses to disaster relief. 

Paradise Bound representatives say they’re glad members are still able to conduct their mission work in the region. 

One Siouxland church is among other mission groups currently in Guatemala. 

They say the volcano erupted about an hour after they left the airport. 

We’ll hear more about that church’s journey when they return to the United States later in the week. 



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