Former Dakota Dunes resident remembers experience as Boy Scout at Little Sioux tornado

Many spent the anniversary of the Little Sioux tornado looking back at the tragedy.

Jacob Vogts, who grew up in Dakota Dunes, was in the cabin when it was destroyed by the tornado.

Ten years ago Jacob Vogts was a teenager who had just survived a tragedy at the hands of Mother Nature.

"I moved back and there was nothing to hold on to so you had to – I’m not going anywhere. You’ve just got to hope that you won’t get sucked up and thrown, but you were kind of moved a bit. But that was about it, you could definitely feel it pulling at you." said Vogts.

On the tenth anniversary of the tornado coming through the ranch, Jacob returned there to remember what happened on that fateful day.

Vogts recalls that it started just like any other day with the Boy Scouts.

They were doing an activity through the afternoon.

"We got back super late. When we got back we were having a spaghetti dinner." said Vogts.

Some of the scouts were taking some time to relax outside when something caught the attention of a scout leader.

"You could just barely hear the tornado siren amongst the wind." said Vogts.

All of the scouts ran into the cabin for safety.

In there they prepared to pass the time by watching a movie.

But the weather had different plans.

"There was this deafening noise and that was when the tornado hit the building." said Vogts.

Vogts was on the other side of the cabin and hid under a table.

A truck was picked up and hurled at the cabin.

It hit the fireplace which collapsed into the cabin and onto some of the scouts.

"You can hear people moaning in pain or crying or just being in shock themselves. Once that happened it just hits you and it becomes very real what happened." said Vogts.

Vogts has been back to the Little Sioux Scout Ranch several times since the day of the tornado.

He says every visit makes him feel blessed.

"In my case, I could have made it through in much worse condition. I basically had no injuries, just a few scrapes and bruises. I could have just as easily never walked again. You think about it as this incredible blessing that you have every day." said Vogts.

Surviving a tragedy that changed many lives and continues to impact people a decade later.

Vogts is now a student at Iowa State University, who will graduate next month.

Vogts is in a fraternity at Iowa State, and while there he met another scout who had been at the ranch during the tornado.

That scout had been in another shelter.



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