Awesome Biker Nights prepares for the heat

Already underway is the 19th Awesome Biker Nights.

The 3-day event brings more than 20,000 people to town each June.

It kicked off Thursday night with a parade in the 87-degree heat.

It will only get warmer over the weekend.

Organizers say they’re ready to provide water to folks to keep cool as the mercury rises.

"We have a lot of ice water on site, Christian Motorcycle Associations are set up, we’ve got a few vendors like that that are- free charitable spots down here and they pass out free ice water to everybody," said Brian Hall, Chairman of the Board.

Awesome Biker Nights is a fundraiser that benefits many local charities and organizations.

And, there’s live music each night

Awesome Biker Nights is a big event, and has prompted some detours in downtown Sioux City.

Much of Historic 4th Street will be "Bike Parking Only"



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