Onawa Racing and Event Center in its second weekend

An event Saturday where racers from all over came to fill their need for speed.

"Just old time good, you know have some fun, run against one another, will run a few little prizes for them, but I think most these people just so happy to get a race track and an event center going on in here that a very good group and they realize we’re going to keep building on and on as we go and we just need the guys to keep coming in and I think they will, they’ve enjoyed everything, last week had and a lot of them come again," says President of OREC Drag Racing Events,  Phil Schroeder.

For friends Bob and Pat it’s nothing more than some friendly competition

"This is my first race in 26 years so I’m just coming back out of retirement," says Bob Hoevet, a racer. 

So who won you might wonder?

"I don’t know if I beat him or he let me win," Mattingly says. 

Now last weekend was their first weekend opening up the race track and over 100 different racers were here to race, now the racers are here from local areas and anywhere from 250 miles away.

"You know we just live 10 miles away it’s kind of nice to just load the car up and drive down the road,"  says Mattingly. 

Vintage cars, loud engines, and a hyped up environment make for a fun-filled weekend. 



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T.J.’s Forecast: News 4 at Noon update (severe weather possible)

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