Siouxland soccer team raises money for regional tournament

15 boy soccer players earned the title of state champs earlier this month.

Now, they have a new challenge- financially finding their way to the regional tournament in Westfield Indiana.

On Saturday, the team had a sale and washed cars for the community. 

"It’s not that I was doubting the team or the boys but we were just trying this out, we never thought that we were going to get it the first time." Says Assistant Coach Sandra Lopes. 

This is the first time ever the team has made it to regionals. 

So parents, players, and coaches are all working together.

"And they’re very excited, I mean as you can see they’re very happy about helping, they’re trying to do their best and they know we need to get there and so they know that this is there thing."  Says. Lopes. 

 "The team has already raised 2000 dollars by doing bake sales and raffles, but the team needs 5000 more dollars to hit the 7000 dollar mark in order to make it to Indiana." Says, KTIV’s Hannah Norton. 

"Donations are going to go to the kids you know so that they can stay and their food  and you know their travels expense for the kids so we can hopefully raise up enough money to make these guys go and play in Indiana." Says, Assistant Coach Miguel Juan. 

This team has been playing together since they were eight years old, so they truly are one big family, and with one big goal—-  make it to Indiana, and come out on top.

In South Sioux City, Nebraska, Hannah Norton, KTIV News 4. 



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