Family home relocated by semi near Sheldon

Oversize Load may be an understatement for a truck that was carrying a family sized home.

The home was being relocated from a farm just outside of Sheldon to a lot in town near the golf course.

The Sioux County Sheriff shut down Highway 18 from Kingbird Avenue to Lily Avenue during the transport. 

MidAmerican Energy was also present to take down the power lines at each intersection so the home could pass safely. 

The son of the previous homeowners Jeff Beyer says the family is happy to see the home go to a new family instead of getting burnt down. 

"It’s good because we didn’t want the house to be burnt down, there is a lot of old memories in it, and we wanted some other family to enjoy it," said Jeff Beyer, the previous homeowner’s son, 

The previous homeowners are retiring and moving into town and decided it was time to build a new home on the farm for their son Jeff, the Beyers sold the home via a Facebook Swap Page.



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