High school graduate buys ice-cream shop

Last month, Jack Watkins purchased Spencer’s Ice Cream in Bradley, Maine.

Then this past Sunday he graduated from high school.

Jack said, "I’ve been looking to do something like this since I was about six. When I was really younger, my mom used to bring me here and I’d always get the black raspberry."

At only 18, many of his employees are older than he is, Including his sister.

His Sister Emily Watkins said,"He’s like wouldn’t this be cool and I was like yeah, that’d be awesome and then like a week later he was like yeah I just bought it and I was like oh my God. I had a full-time job that I loved but the opportunity here was so much more meaningful kind of."

Jack says running a business is hard work but he’s excited to do it and wants to give back to the community.

Jack Watkins /Owner, Spencer’s Ice Cream: "We are donating to a youth suicide prevention program at the hospital in memory of my classmate and friend  Tracy."

They’re also collecting donations for a family that recently lost their home in a fire.

Jack said,"It’s always fun to get back to the community and this is a great spot to do it right. Bradley’s a great town a loving community."

Jean Abbot an employee at Spencer’s Ice Cream said, "This is a great family that’s taken over Spencers and they’re doing a wonderful job, they’re putting they’re all in it and everybody that works here seems to be doing the same thing. We all want them to succeed."

Jack has these words of encouragement for anyone looking to run their own business.

Jack said, "Definitely take it because you can never start too early. The earlier you start, the better off you’ll be."



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