Legislators respond to immigrant family separation

The immigration debate has cut across party lives, as well.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse, of Nebraska, was not alone when he told NBC News, "The president should immediately end this family separation policy."

Republican Senator Charles Grassley, of Iowa, states, ""When families enter the country illegally and seek asylum, processing that claim often exceeds the legally limited time young people can be held by Health and Human Services. The government is faced with the choice of temporarily placing children with sponsors or releasing the family and risk the family missing their hearing."

The U.S. House is considering two bills to help immigrant families. The "Conservative Goodlatte" bill, and the "Compromise Immigration Bill" would allow children to stay with parents in custody for illegal immigration. The bills are set to be discussed this Thursday.

The debate is also resonating at the state level. South Dakota State Senator Jim Bolin added his voice to the debate today. 

There are certainly challenges and hurdles to overcome, but it has certainly provided workers that our state needs," South Dakota Sen. Jim Bolin said.

U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem said the debate and challenges will continue until borders are secured and the legal immigration system is fixed.



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