Bear breaking into California home caught on camera

More than 20 years of living in South Lake Tahoe, Lane Sykes and Carole Scofield consider themselves lucky.

Carole said,"It’s a discomforting feeling to think, oh dear, do I dare leave the house?"

That discomforting feeling lingers from what took place Wednesday evening.

Lane said,"I still couldn’t understand how a seven-foot bear, 300 pounds can fit through that."

But that’s exactly what happened.

Lane, Carole, and their friends left the house for more than an hour.

But what happened next, shocked them.

A bear managed to get inside the house through a small window and helped itself to a free dinner.

Lane said,"The doors were locked. We left the back window open, which is a small window; I have never thought a bear could get in through that window, just for ventilation because it was starting to be a nice warm day."

The bear made several food trips while they were gone.

When they returned home, a friend saw the bear.

Carole said,"I thought she was kidding and then I said, oh no it’s Tahoe, it could be because she looked frightened and very scared."

Carole says this was the second time the bear has broken into their house.

Last year, it broke down the front door.

Even though the two laugh about it now, they hope others can learn from their experience to close all entry points.

No matter how small.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife says bears usually went through garbage cans to get their food, but now have expanded their food search further.

Johnston said, "Some point in the bear’s life, they’ve gained a type of food reward by breaking in a cabin or a home, so they remember that, so the behavior is likely to be repeated."

Johnston says to make sure all food is put away.

And people should call 911 if a bear breaks in.

Lane and Carol are glad it was only clean-up required this time.



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