Sioux City City Council hears 6-month update from Spectra

At the beginning of the year, the management of Tyson Events Center and Orpheum Theatre, changed.

The Pennsylvania company, Spectra, took over management from the city.

Monday night, Spectra board members briefed council members on their progress thus far.

Board members gave the council facts and figures about their sponsorship contracts, ticket revenue predictions, and the differences that spectators will see.

But, council member Rhonda Capron, says she’s concerned about how the new management is handling its employees. 

Although Spectra took over management on January 1st, Capron says majority of its crew did not show up until late February, or early March.

"You have to have Spectra employees that are willing to engage, and I think they came in, in a rush," said Rhonda Capron, Sioux City City Council. "In order to have good customer service, you have to have good employee service. They have to feel welcome, and they need to be embraced. You gotta treat everybody with respect."

The council asked Spectra to give them monthly updates from now on.



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