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Buena Vista University and Western Iowa Tech Community College team up to offer students a new way to get a four-year degree

Buena Vista University and Western Iowa Tech ARE WORKING together to offer Siouxlanders MORE EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES. 

Students will be able to work towards a four-year degree while attending classes, either in person at WIT or online. 

"It’s an opportunity for students who are actually attending here at Western Iowa Tech to be able to come and meet with full-time staff and, to learn about the opportunities for degree completion," says Buena Vista University President Josh Merchant. 

Students can choose from three different fields of study including criminal justice, human services and education. 

"Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to add areas in the future. There could definitely be opportunities to look at business or other partnerships or in our new Institute for agriculture, food and resource management as we roll out those new academic programs as well, in terms of the partnership," says Merchant. 

Schools Officials say it gives students more options. 

"We have a lot of students who start here at Western Iowa Tech that wants to take their first two years close to home and then wants to go off and get their Bachelor’s Degree. Some of them are willing to move to other locations but, some people want to stay here in Siouxland," says Western Iowa Tech Community College President Terry Murrell. 

Presidents of both schools say they want students to have a pathway to obtaining a four-year degree. 

"But, really this is just an opportunity recognizing that many of the students who go to do their AA degrees are students who have families, have full-time jobs, are really trying to manage a multitude of responsibilities in their life. What we’re doing is bringing the B-V experience, the B-V four-year degree to them," says Merchant. 


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