Siouxland woman, now living in Haiti, shares message of hope for nation after riots

Kayla Raymond, her husband and four children live in Haiti. 

They help run a non-profit called Touch of Hope, which is based out of Rock Rapids, Iowa. 

They have just arrived back in Iowa for a family visit but, Kayla experienced the protests in Haiti before making a trip back to Siouxland. 

"Every vehicle was being lit on fire and looted. Whole grocery stores were being burnt up. People were stealing everything from inside," says Kayla Raymond. 

Kayla Raymond has lived in Haiti since 2012. 

She says she’s never seen riots like the one that broke out last Friday in Haiti. 

But, she says she thinks there’s more to the protests than meets the eye. 

"All the places they lit on fire almost seemed very planned out. The majority of Haiti is, or most of the money is held by seven families. They run all the businesses in Haiti and those were what most of the businesses and hotels that were being lit on fire and attacked," says Raymond. 

She says despite the images coming out of Haiti, there’s a lot of good in the nation, located in the Caribbean. 

"There’s a reason I stay in Haiti and I’ve lived there for so long is because the people are amazing and there is good there. There is hope," says Raymond. 

Raymond has a message of hope in the aftermath of the riots.  

"When you’re truly oppressed, you’re led to do desperate things but, there is still hope and there is still good happening, as well," says Raymond.

The rising fuel costs sparked the protest last Friday. 

Raymond says the entire economy in Haiti is impacted by the cost of fuel rising. 

She says high fuel prices mean people in Haiti can’t get their daily needs met. 



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