Providence Medical Centers performs mock-chemical disaster

At Providence Medical Center in Wayne, Nebraska, a number of patients walk through these doors daily with a wide variety of needs.

And while doctors and staff are ready to help — some scenarios don’t happen everyday.

For the past three months 27 members of the PMC staff have been training to treat patients doused with dangerous chemicals. 

On Thursday, that training was put to the test with a full-scale decontamination exercise.

 "We never know what’s going to walk through the doors," said Jodie Thompson, Safety and Service Excellence Coordinator at PMC, " And there have been cases of people being contaminated with different chemicals that have caused further harm to EMS personnel and hospital staff. So we want to prevent that from happening in our hospital and the best way to do that is to be prepared for them." Participants learned about the hazardous materials, routes of entry, sign and symptoms of contaminated patients entering the hospital.

Folks also were taught how to map out decontamination zones, set up tents and equipment and participate in wet decontamination. 

Tune in to a future segment on Healthbeat 4 to learn more about this drill and why it’s important for community members. 



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