Niobrara Nebraska, residence may face flooding from Missouri River

Back in 2011, devastating flood waters ruined many homes at Blue Moon Resort in Niobrara, Nebraska.

Many are still trying to recover… even seven years later.

Now, the community is worried again for the same fate they had years ago. 

The resort sits along side the Missouri River, as of a matter of fact, many home’s live right next to the river.

Residents say the water is high because the Dams are releasing a overflow of water down the river.  

This is the result of heavy rains throughout the spring.

Many are hauling in rock and sandbagging to protect their homes.

"They’re all worried about it yes, I mean we are too, you’re thinking did we build a house high enough to you know, or not. Do we have our ground high enough when it’s coming up over the banks, you’re thinking wow maybe we should have went higher," says homeowner, Jerry Zuhlke 

Residents say they are told it shouldn’t get like the 20-11 flood, but fear is always in the back of their minds. 

Economically homeowners will suffer if it comes to that extreme again. 

One local remembers the nightmare of 2011.

"Okay the water inside of our trailer, we had water in our kitchen sink and sand, oh yeah," says homeowner Butch Baller.

There has been a flood warning for the Missouri River near Niobrara for over a month now. 

So for now, preparation is all they can do. 



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