Locals gather to learn about new Sioux City medical marijuana dispensary

Dozens of people gather on Tuesday night to learn about Iowa’s Cannabis Program, and what will happen once the doors open to Sioux City’s dispensary in December. 

"I think they’re on the right track, it sounds like. There were some very good questions that were asked tonight. But, it’s still an educational process and you know, I think Midwest people will embrace it and they’ll get online and read about it and learn about what needs to be done to use it as a medicine and not as a drug," says Pat Murphy, interested in the program.

Educating the public is a top concern for leaders in the field, ahead of the opening of dispensaries in Iowa. 

"I think there is a lot of confusion, there’s a lot of uncertainty about it. It’s brand new in this state, obviously. There are other states that have programs that can certainly add to the confusion about ‘Oh, is ours like there’s or how is it going to work within this state," says Lucas Nelson with Kemin Industries. 

And, there is a lot Iowans need to know before products actually hit the shelves. 

"What we’re really hoping to do is that as the program kicks off later this year, really make sure that Iowans across the state understand what it takes to participate, what products are going to be available and how this particular state’s program works," says Nelson. 

Lucas Nelson of Kemin Industries says he wants doctors to be a part of educating Iowans. 

"We certainly, I think, have a good base right now, of patients, that are interested in participating but, there’s also that physician side of this and, we certainly want to make sure that we are providing resources and being a resource for all of the medical community too, or otherwise this won’t succeed," says Nelson. 

The experts at tonight’s meeting were able to answer questions, ranging from how dosage will be figured out, to concerns such as product getting into the hands of children. 



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