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Milford, IA woman sues surgeon and practice for removing wrong organ

A Milford, Iowa, woman is suing a Sioux Falls surgeon and his practice for removing the wrong organ from her body.

Dena Knapp filed the lawsuit against Dr. Scott Baker and the Surgical Institute of South Dakota, P.C., claiming she was ‘severely and permanently injured’ after Baker removed her healthy right kidney rather than her adrenal gland.

According to paperwork filed in U.S. District Court, on Oct. 5, 2016, Baker was set for surgery to remove her right adrenal gland and an associated mass.

Knapp claims in the filing Baker not only failed to remove the gland and associated mass, but instead removed her right kidney.

The filing claims Baker told Knapp her kidney had been removed, but did not tell her he didn’t remove the gland and associated mass.

Six days after the surgery, the filing claims Knapp was told the adrenal gland was still inside and additional surgery was needed.

She went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. to have the adrenal gland and associated mass removed.

The filing claims Knapp has incurred expenses in excess of $96,000 so far, and has also lost so far $42,000 worth of earnings. 

The suit also claims Knapp has been unable to perform many functions and has required replacement services to clean and maintain her home.


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