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Rocklin Manufacturing restores look of 20th century building.

It was built in the early 20th century and is steeped in family and American history.

And now it has a newly-restored look.

The restoration of the Rocklin Manufacturing company in Sioux City was celebrated today with a ribbon cutting.

The building was constructed in 1912.

Before it became home to Rocklin Manufacturing, it was the location of Albertson and Company, which compressed Sioux tools and supported the World War 1 effort.

In the 1940’s, the building became the location for Rocklin Manufacturing.

During World War Two, the company supported the war effort, employing about 250 people around the clock.

On Thursday the company employs about 10 employees in the new facility

Ross Rocklin, the third generation owner of the company, says today was a day his late father would have been proud of.

"He dedicated his life to running and growing this company he grew up around it he had a lot of pride in it the same way that I do. His father founded the company 8 years before he was born," says Ross Rocklin, Rocklin Manufacturing President. 

In the doorway of the building, hangs a rare ordinance flag given to 13 companies in the U-S for exceptional performance and support of the war effort.


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