SCCSD teachers and staff prepare for a new year

Hints of a fresh new school year are in the air.

"I get a little nervous sometimes because it’s a lot of stuff all at once, but it’s the funnest day of the school year. Everyone is so excited to be here, and all the kids, they’re usually pretty happy to come back," says Sarah Holman, Loess Hills Elementary Music Teacher. 

Teachers say preparation is key for success. 

"We start making class lists and organizing things for this year way back in April and it’s a very complicated process to make sure we match kids up with their proper learning styles, with teachers with strengths like that, and it’s really complicated," says John Beeck, Loess Hills Principal. 

Thursday morning the halls will be filled.

But before school starts, it’s "Back to School Night," an open house for students and parents. 

"Find out where they line up in the mornings before school, meet the friends, meet other families, and just get that sense of community of going to school," says Beeck. 

The new year also means new tools for learning.

"This year we get one to one IPads so each first grader will have their own IPad and we’ve been working really hard to figure out to figure out how we’re going to use those in our classroom so that the students will be really engaged and will help them become better readers,"  says, Jessica Faulk, first grade teacher. 

First-day outfits are ready and backpacks are filled.

Now it’s time to learn. 



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