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Carl Norquist was unsure where he would land after he graduated from Augustana University in 2017. What he did know was that he craved a profession where he could write. In October 2017, an opportunity presented itself and he joined the KTIV News 4 news team as an evening producer.

In college, Carl double-majored in Art and English. Although not a journalism major in the conventional sense, studies in art and literature provide Carl with the skills to think critically and examine issues from multiple perspectives. The news is ultimately an industry that runs on facts, but how people react to and read those facts varies significantly from person to person. In that way, Carl’s background with Art and literature has helped him to see the abstractions present in every story and to establish the look and flow that is present in every newscast.

Carl was born in Edina, Minnesota and spent most of his childhood in the southern Minnesota town of Northfield. In 2010, Carl moved to Kimballton, Iowa and attended high school in the Harlan Community School district. There, he was involved with marching band, choir, and mock trial.

At Augustana, Carl spent the majority of his time drawing and etching Intaglio prints in the School’s art department. Summers would be spent in Montana working as a counselor at a remote Lutheran bible camp in the Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness. As a counselor, Carl led highschoolers on week-long excursions into the mountains. Following his most recent summer, Carl moved to Sioux City in August 2017.

KTIV has given Carl the freedom to follow his passion in more ways than one. Although not a path he expected to follow, working in news lets Carl learn more about Siouxland and the stories that people want to tell. News 4 has provided plenty of opportunities for Carl to connect with the issue people truly care about, and to hone his voice as a writer and storyteller.

Feel free to email Carl at or message him on twitter @CarlKTIV4.

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KTIV Staff

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