Sioux City Film Festival announces full 2018 schedule

The Sioux City Film Festival announced their line up of over 60 films, and new this year is feature films. 

Also announced was Sioux City Film Festival’s "Artist-in-residence" was announced Monday morning at a press conference at Stony Creek Hotel and Conference Center.

Ron Clements, John Behring, and Marty Iker who all have ties to Siouxland will be offering free workshops as part of the "Artist-in-residence" program. 

Ron Clements a writer and director for Walt Disney Animation Studios is best known for Moana, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Princess and the Frog.

Clements was born and raised in Sioux City.

John Behring a television director with over 120 hour-long episodes of prime-time television is best known for directing episodes of Charmed, CSI New York, Numbers, and Gotham. 

Behring grew up in Canton, South Dakota, and ended up working a local television station before heading off to Los Angeles. 

Marty Iker who once served as the Vice President of Marketing & Advertising at Warner Bros. is known for his breakthrough brand identities, promotions, and commercials for Warner Brothers.

Iker began his career working in Sioux City as a Creative Director. 

"Ron Clements, John Behring, and others are going to be putting on workshops at Stoney Creek during the day and you can talk to them, see the films, John Behring is going to be doing some breakdowns of an episode of Gotham and another episode of grim, and talking about working with the actors and how you do it, and why you do these things. I mean it is going to be interesting for anyone interested in making films, but I think a lot of people in the general public will like it" said Rick Mullin, President of Sioux City Film Festival Board 

For more information on the workshops visit:



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