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Healthbeat 4: Mercy Home Care Connect brings peace of mind to patients

“She trusts me,” said Pat Engel, “I think.”

“I have to, I have to,” said Dee Engel.

Pat and Dee Engel have been married for nearly 66 years.

A while she may be all smiles, Pat’s wife Dee suffers from congestive heart failure.

“From an aortic valve leaking that they can’t do surgery on because she had another valve put in four years ago,” said Pat Engel.

Once Dee was able to leave the hospital, they got set up with Mercy “Home Care Connect.”

Each day Pat takes Dee’s blood pressure, weight and oxygen levels.

He then puts that information into the tablet and sends it to Mercy Home Care’s Virtual Care Center where their assigned nurse looks over the information.

“This one time I sent the stuff in and she had a question and here I was, talking to a live person. So we’re talking back and forth so it’s really a sense of security,” said Pat.

Wendy Beavers is the Strategic account manager at Mercy Home Care and says one of the greatest advantages to the system is the virtual care nursing option.

“So it’s a real time answer to their health question and their concern,” Wendy Beavers, Mercy Home Care Customer Service Representative & Account Executive, “Which is proving to not only keep people out of ERs and hospitals but is a huge patient and family satisfyer.”

Not only is security a perk, but the system comes free to Medicare patients which cuts down on costly ER visits.

“We have a copy, just happen to find it, copy of a bill for emergency room, one day, $5,688,” said Pat.

Pat says the system is very user friendly.

“First of all you sign in, you have a code to sign in on and poke this button this button,” said Pat, “And it’s so easy even I can do it.”

Mercy has nearly 12,000 of these systems active across the nation.

If you’d like to learn more about Mercy Home Care call Wendy Beavers at (712)-233-5100.

Michelle Schoening

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