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A lesson in healthy eating

Some fourth graders today put down the textbooks and picked up some ears of corn to learn more about fresh food.

"We always get our vegetables from the farmer’s market because they’re fresh", says  Alexis Jessen, a fourth grader at Homer Community Schools. 

Fourth-grader, Alexis Jessen, knows quite a bit about the importance of eating fresh.

"It’s actually making your body grow stronger," says Jessen.

 And she believes knowing where it comes is just as important.

"Corn is part of Nebraska history", says Jessen.

Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State so the school felt the hands-on activity would be a fun way to help the kids learn.

"We thought it would be just a great event for the kids and it helps promote our farmers market we’re getting the time of year where you know you can’t get fresh product like this as much," says Kassi Schwier, food service director with lunchtime solutions. 

For some of the students like Alexis, corn shucking was second nature.

"With my sister and papa we got two big mineral tubs and two buckets," says Jessen.

"Me and my sister did it with my mom," says Madison Snow a fourth grader

"You have to get the green stuff off and the strings off",Jolavon Price a fourth grader.

"It’s kinda like tearing off something like tape or something", says Wesley Baker, a fourth grader

The students were able to see the accomplishments of their hard work, and they sampled the food too.

"This is going to feed the whole school here today," says Schwier

100 ears of corn were shucked by the kids on Friday, along with another 100 shucked by the staff, enough corn to feed kindergarten through 12th grade at lunchtime. 

"They understand the nutritional value of getting fresh corn vs canned corn or frozen corn," says Schwier.

"You’ll be more able to live a longer life and a better life", says Jessen.

"If you make your own lunch you feel like you’ve achieved something," says Madison snow, a fourth grader.

Danielle Saitta

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