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Dakota County Sheriff to speak with White House officials, Congress on immigration reform

Dakota County, Nebraska, Sheriff Chris Kleinberg will be joining 44 other sheriffs in Washington, D.C. next week, to speak with White House officials on illegal immigration matters.

The sheriffs will also be meeting with members of Congress on September 5 to act on pending legislation to increase border security.

The group will participate in a roundtable discussion at the White House on immigration, border security and other issues.

“The purpose of this visit is to express the urgency of Congress passing legislation immediately on the security aspects of immigration reform,” Sheriff Kleinberg said. “It is our intention to tell Congress that their failure to deal with this issue for 20 years has made our communities less safe and has undermined our promise to the people who elected us to keep them safe. In addition to our responsibility to protect the people and property of our county, we also have an obligation to fiscal responsibility. The burden of the local tax base is affected by the lack of reform in this area.”

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Blake Branch

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