Career Academy offers alternative learning

The district expanded the academy space over the summer and turned it into a more modern facility with a community college atmosphere.

The students say they enjoy the non-traditional classrooms, and the camaraderie they develop with students from all of the area high schools.

"We get to combine with all the other schools in the school district. You get to collaborate more. My business classes that I’m in goes by a flipped classroom model where we take all of our notes and lectures outside of the classroom. And we do activities and stuff inside of class." said Grace Hoak, Career Academy Student 

"We all learn differently. And down here it’s not about how we’re supposed to learn just by copying down. Down here you learn at whatever way you are better at learning. Whether it’s listening or hands on." said Brandon Mojica, Career Academy Student

Fashion Design, Surgical Tech, and Graphic Design are just some of the featured areas of study.

More improvements are slated for other areas of the building.

And organizers already are planning additional disciplines to expand the program.

"We’ve talked already about agriculture, and beefing up our construction academy and looking into manufacturing. So we know there is a need in our community and in local business. And we have a desire to fill that with really well educated trained students." says Katie Towler, Career Academy Principal

And KTIV’s old news set is being put to good use in the Filmaking and Marketing area. 

Our donation was made to the academy earlier this spring.

Travis Hoffer

Travis Hoffer

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