Missouri River Expo set for September 15-16

(KTIV) – For 14 years, the Missouri River Outdoor Expo, at Ponca State Park, has attracted thousands of people to learn about all things outdoors.

It continues, once again, this year coming up on Sept. 15-16 at Ponca State Park in Ponca, Nebraska.

There are some specialty attractions booked this year, including a professional angler, who will teach people how to fish, and a whole lot more.

“His name is Aaron Peterson, and he’s coming out of Minnesota,” said Lynn Mellick, Ponca State Park. “He’s going to teach people the basics of fishing. There’s always that big one that eludes you. he may have a tip, or two, that can help catch that one for you. But, he’s also doing a program for youth. I’ve seen some of the stuff he has planned, and it looks fun and exciting for these kids. He’s got a little surprise for the kids, too. I heard that there’s the possibility of giving away some fishing poles.”

Peterson will also teach the kids not just how to catch fish, but also how to prepare it.

“He’s calling it the “hook to table” program,” Mellick said. “He will actually take you through catching the fish, cleaning, processing, cooking and preparing it, and enjoying the meal.”

There are also some other attractions that are a little unique and different from years past.

“We’ve always had some type of lumberjack team come to the expo,” Mellick said. “But, this year we’ve changed it up. We have an all-woman lumber-Jill team. And, something unique to their program… after their first and second show each day they’re going to let ten youth from the audience, between the ages of 5 and 12, have the opportunity to try logrolling.”

“You’ve had archers in the past, but the archer that you have this year has a very special skill,” Breen said.

“Yes, he’s known as the “aspirin buster”,” said Mellick. “he likes to shoot his bow from behind his back, and he will actually get an aspirin that’s been tossed in the air.”

The Missouri River Outdoor Expo is September 15-16 at Ponca State Park.

If you want more information, you can call (402) 755-2284, or check out the Missouri River Expo’s website.

Matt Breen

Matt Breen

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