New and improved Grandpa’s Barn debuts in Spencer, IA

SPENCER, IA (KTIV) – For nine years, Grandpa’s Barn has helped attract hundreds of people to the Clay County Fair.

“It’s a great educational benefit for the kids to come through and learn about the animals and their importance of them.”

“Everythings new and exciting.”

The new and improved Grandpa’s Barn in Spencer, Iowa has herded many guests to its new facility featured at this years 2018 featured at this year’s  Clay County Fair.

Grandpa’s Barn has doubled in size,  as well as adding handicap accessible to ensure that everyone gets a look at life on the farm.

“When we first started we were down at the cattle building and it was really, really small. We only had like 7 animals.”

“It served its purpose but it wore out,” said George Moriarty, Superintendent of Grandpa’s Barn.

But nine years after it grew out of the minds of organizers, it was time for the popular attraction to receive a grade A upgrade.

“People in the community are bringing in their animals, ones that they can exhibit here or just pass on the knowledge that they have in that area,” said Kristi Peck, volunteer at Grandpa’s Barn.

“Now we have 58 different animals at the barn.”

“We’re blessed with all the donors that we do have that allow us to keep their critters for a week at the fair,” said Peck.

Along with being a fun attraction at the Clay County Fair, Grandpa’s Barn offers a wealth of knowledge to help cultivate the young minds of the future leaders of ag.

“A lot of the children even from these small towns don’t realize that their food doesn’t come from the grocery store, it has to come from somewhere else first,” said Moriarty.

“We also explain how important the animals are to the everyday life of not just you and me but everybody around here.”

The donated funds raised for Grandpa’s Barn allows the new facility to offers hands-on experiences, including everything from science experiments to films in the new theater for third and fourth graders.

Danielle Saitta

Danielle Saitta

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