Siouxland Soup Kitchen’s new ‘Erik’s Closet’ program helps community with basic needs

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – The Siouxland Soup Kitchen is making an effort to not only feed Sioux City’s homeless but clothe them as well.

‘Erik’s Closet’ is a room at the Soup Kitchen that’s stocked with clothes, bedding and other items for people in need.

For more than a year, the manager of the Soup Kitchen said she has stocked up on items before opening the closet.

“This is our “Goodwill Room” I guess is the best way to describe it where anybody who eats here or even members of the public can come get some free clothing and some toiletry items once a week,” says Danielle Tott, Soup Kitchen Director.

The new program continues to grow each week.

“Well we have people show up missing shirts and things sometimes and lots of times they need coats, lots of times they need blankets, dry socks especially when its raining so there was a need we just filled it,” says Tott.

With the weather getting colder as we head deeper into the fall, the closet itself is in need for the people they help.

“Yeah I ran completely out of blankets and that’s the first that it has happened,” says Tott. “I had a couple of flannel sheets that somebody brought in and so something’s better than nothing, but yeah we’re out of blankets and we’re not out of coats but the racks looking pretty skimpy and more and more people are asking.”

The closet is named ‘Erik’s Closet’ in honor of one regular who passed away in June.

“And his families been coming in, he has a cousin that hasn’t seen him in like twenty years and came to the little service that we had and he’s been coming in about every week with donations from his garden and just kind of talking to us and he brought in donations for the closet,” says Tott.

Everything at Erik’s is free, and donations are always welcomed at the closet.

If you would like to donate to ‘Erik’s Closet’, visit the Siouxland Soup Kitchen Facebook page.

Hannah Norton

Hannah Norton

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