Siouxland toddler is featured as Honorary Miracle Rider

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) — The Miracle Riders, on Monday, September 17, take off for a 5,000 mile journey through the Nation’s popular landmarks of the West.They are trying to raise $50,000 for outpatient rehabilitation equipment, which will help the children of UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Children’s Miracle Network. They are riding for lots of children, like three-year-old Joey Carter, an Honorary Miracle Rider, who will be a major source of inspiration.

Three-year-old Joey Carter has gone from no steps, to baby steps, to big steps.

“We work on walking, balance, stepping over projects, increasing his core strength,” said Samantha Sachau, Physical Therapist, UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s.

Joey was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, which was a suprise to his family. He couldn’t breathe so he was taken to the NICU at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s. Joey now receives speech and occupational therapy. Sam Sachau is his physical therapist.

“Joey started walking last spring, he’s kind of taking off now,” said Sachau.

Joey swings and enjoys playing with the rings, all part of his physical therapy, and he loves the camera. He has progressed to climbing mountains and is super proud of his accomplishments.

“He’s gone from just kind of hanging out, not really sitting up, not really crawling, to running all over and taking the place by storm,” said Molly Carter, Joey’s mother.

Molly Carter, Joey’s Mother, works with her son at home too. She says he loves music, Sesame Street and playing with blocks. He is surrounded by people who believe in him and he loves gentle high-fives and people. Even journalist Stella Daskalakis got a hug.

“His family and his friends support him. He’s got a fantastic staff here. They couldn’t have been more supportive, not only with Joey, but with any other issues my family has had,” said Molly Carter.

The Miracle Riders have lots of faith in Joey. They have crowned him as an Honorary Miracle Rider. He is taking that role pretty seriously. He can now put the pedal to the metal with Sam’s help. Before, his feet had to be duct taped to the pedals.

“Them going on this ride and all the fundraising and support they’re offered, it allows kids like Joey an opportunity to work with equipment that the hospital might not be able to provide otherwise,” said Molly Carter.

“They’re giving up their time freely, their vacation time, their time with their family, to help raise money for the kids of Siouxland,” added Sachau.

Joey is one of those children, who, thanks to the Miracle Riders, will have a new piece of equipment on which he can play and become even stronger to face any challenges that may lie ahead.

Monday, September 17, at 7:30 a.m., at Thompson Electric in Sioux City, the sendoff gets underway for the Miracle Riders. They will be on KTIV’s Live at Five on Friday, September 14, to tell us more. To donate to their cause, go to

Stella Daskalakis

Stella Daskalakis

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