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100-year-old home in Iowa catches on fire

KINGSLEY, Iowa (KTIV) – Firefighters were called to a house fire near Moville, Iowa Friday afternoon.

Around noon, crews were called to a home in Kingsley, Iowa.

Firefighters say the building that the property owner was trying to burn down was a 100-year-old empty house on his land.

The homeowner thought recent rainfall would help contain the fire but as he set the abandoned home on fire, he accidentally ended up putting his current home in danger.

“There was some minor damage to their living house the one they are living in, basically just some vinal siding kinda melted off the garage a little bit but other than that no smoke damage no water damage to the home they are living in,” says Chief Jerry Sailer, Moville Fire Department.

Sailer says luckily no one was hurt during the fire.

The Moville firefighters tell us that there’s no law against burning your house down and Woodbury County requires no permit to do so.

However, officials say that there are some restrictions such as collecting money, impacting traffic or polluting.

Homeowners are told that if they are trying to burn down property, they should contact their local fire department first.

Danielle Saitta

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