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Kids are poppin’ with positivity at Spalding Elementary in Sioux City


Spalding Park Elementary in Sioux City was poppin’ with positivity Friday morning.

Each week teachers nominate a student for doing something good or out of the ordinary and they get invited to “Popcorn with the Principal.”

Each student who gets to come receives a bag of popcorn, time with the principal and learns about what good things their teacher has to say about them.

Mimi Moore is the principal at Spalding and says kids look forward to the honor every Friday.

“It’s a positive communication back and forth,” said Mimi Moore, Spalding Park Elementary School Principal, “And it also then reinforces the good things that the student is doing. So all around it’s just a win-win situation.”

This is the sixth year for “Popcorn with the Principal. at Spalding.

Michelle Schoening

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