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New U.S. tariffs on China begin

It’s a new era, financially speaking, for the relationship between the U.S. and China.

Starting today, the Trump administration is inflicting new 10% tariffs on 200-billion dollars worth of Chinese products.

President Donald Trump said, “Tariffs have really had a positive impact. Number one our country has taken in a lot of money. Number two, we’re creating jobs like never before.”

Among the thousands of goods affected: baseball gloves, network routers, and food seasonings.

Chinese officials say they’ll strike back with new taxes on American items like auto parts, meat, and clothing.

But President Trump says he’s not worried about retaliation.

Last month the People’s Daily Newspaper wrote, ” The U.S. is unwilling to see China develop and prosper and then surpass it. no hardship has ever stopped China from standing up, growing rich and becoming strong”

As for Chinese workers, the news of the new tariffs brings mixed reactions.

NBC News

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