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Students welcome visitors into Sioux City with mural

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) –  A group of Bishop Heelan High School students are helping to welcome folks to Sioux City.

Art students from the school worked throughout the day on Tuesday on a mural that will welcome those coming into Sioux City.

The mural is located on Wesley Parkway and 3rd Street.

The mural features well known Sioux City locations as well as all four Sioux City high schools.

“All of the designs have been done by my students, different places from Sioux City, War Eagle, the Orpheum. Some of the treasures that we have in our town will be on the wall,” says Laurie Dougherty, art teacher.

Students say the project has taught them a lot.

It’s a project these students have been working on since Spring.

“Watching the project come together… it’s pretty intimidating at first because, you know, you don’t really see the end. Doesn’t seem like it’s always going right but, it’d definitely turning out very well,” says Joshua Newman, sophomore.

The mural is part of a service project with Leadership Siouxland.

Ashly Richardson

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