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Healthbeat 4: Coordinated breast care in Siouxland

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) — Doctors at Midlands Clinic and the June E. Nylen Cancer Center have come together to offer what they say is one-of-a-kind care for breast cancer patients.

“Team care for cancer patients is the standard for care in America. And that’s what we’re trying to provide,” said Dr. Laura McNaughton, Midlands Clinic Plastic Surgeon, “Cancer patients should never have to go to multiple doctors.”

This multi-disciplinary meeting is often called a “meeting of the minds.”

It’s where primary physicians, diagnostic radiologists, surgeons and oncologists from different hospitals and clinics meet to discuss their patients before choosing a treatment plan.

“So them knowing they are getting a complete review from multiple specialties they’re getting the standard of care, they’re getting excellent time from mammogram to surgery. That’s what they want to know,” said Dr. Craig Nemechek, Midlands Clinic General, and Breast Surgeon.

Collaboration with the patient in mind.

“It can be scary, it can be a big jolt to their normal life but it’s something that we can certainly overcome,” said Dr. Nemechek.

So, what happens after this meeting?

That’s where Barb Hansen steps in.

She’s the breast care coordinator at Midlands Clinic and is the mediator between doctors and patients.

Hansen works with one-on-one the patients to get them through surgery, chemo or radiation and reconstruction.

“Having all the specialties as far as the surgeon, the oncologist and the plastic surgeon there in one visit is huge for them,” said Barb Hansen, “Sometimes it’s a lot of information but they are very appreciative to know that they’ve got me to call if they have questions.”

Hansen says the patient load varies, but she typically talks to 20 patients every week.

If you or someone you know would like to become a patient of Midlands Coordinated Breast Cancer program click here.

Michelle Schoening

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