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“Vote Common Good” group stops in Siouxland

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa (KTIV)- Elections are under a month away-

And a group of evangelical Christians are traveling around the country to spread a message.

The group, Vote Common Good, made a stop in Sioux Center on Friday.

It’s part of a 31-city bus tour to take their message to competitive races identified by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Vote Common Good says they hope to connect Democratic candidates, who share their values with Christian voters and are frustrated by lawmakers whose actions do not reflect the teachings of Jesus.

“If you know in your hearts what the good is, we ask that you connect that to your head, and make that statement on your ballot on November 6th,” said Doug Pagitt, a Minneapolis-based pastor, and evangelical Christian. “Because the world needs people to tell their truth. And we’re not trying to shut anybody down, we’re just trying to turn up on the volume of the people that want to say something.”

Democratic Congressional Candidate, J. D. Scholten, attended Friday’s event.

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Jennifer Lenzini

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