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Tanzanian bus crash survivors visit East High School

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) — It’s been a whirlwind trip back in Siouxland for the miracle kids from Tanzania: Doreen, Sadhia and Wilson.

On Wednesday, they got the chance to see what it’s like to be a student in America.

While sitting in a classroom at East High School in Sioux City, the kids from Tanzania notice some differences right off the bat.

“A big difference is that we wear school uniform,” said Sadhia, “They don’t wear school uniform.”

“We’re not supposed to come into class with electronic devices,” said Wilson, “We’re using chalkboards. We’re not using whiteboards. We’re not using projectors.”

Doreen, Sadhia and Wilson were paired up with a freshman and sat in on various classes like English, Math and homeroom.

The three met the students while they were recovering from their injuries at the Ronald McDonald House.

For the last 13 months, they’ve kept in touch.

“We’ve been able to get to know how we work, how they work and all the different things and just be able to experience how all of us think and it’s so cool to be able to build that bond,” said Madelyn Barnes, East High Freshman.

The students say it’s exciting to learn what school is like in Tanzania too.

“They stay at their school. They live there,” said Ella Jepsen, East High Freshman, “And so that’s a lot different than us.”

Michelle Schoening

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