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$30,000 for 30 years of music

SIOUX CITY (KTIV)-For 30 years, the East High School Show Choir has cultivated some show-stopping performances.

To celebrate this milestone year, choir members are working to raise 30-thousand dollars.

“I think music does something unique it helps kids with so many things outside of just learning the music itself,” says Kari Treinen, Executive Director for Sioux City Public Schools Foundation.

For 30 years, the East High Show choir has brought music to the lives of many local students

“Music is everything to us, its so much fun getting together with all my friends and appreciating the value of music with one another,” Carter Vanderloo, sophomore.

When it comes to being on stage, these high schoolers know all about dedication

“It’s very early mornings its very late nights and its a lot of dedication,” Says Erin Webber-Dreeszen, Co-President of East High School Choir Parent Association.

“Its really just an adrenaline rush when you walk out on stage but once you’re on stage you’re in the zone,” says Jackson Welte, Junior.

It’s not just onstage where these kids are showing their dedication – it’s offstage as they raise money for their milestone year.

“This 30,000 dollars helps us with choreography and all of the extra things we have to have in order to compete,” says Webber-Dreeszen.

It’s a set goal that will help these kids prepare the stage for an upcoming competition in Nashville Tenesse

“We don’t actually ask that each family outright contriubute because their are some families that frankly cannot
Parents and faculty tell me that through show choir–kids are able to express themselves in many different ways in and out of school,” Says Webber-Dreeszen.

“They’ve been challenged to leadership positions within the Headliner’s team and they’ve taken that out to their volunteer opportunities their workplaces,” says Treinen.

It’s the memories of show choir that gives these performers the ability to take on the stage and the world

“Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and we all just bounce off of each other and relie on each other to be successful,” says Welte.

As of right now, East High has informed us that they have raised about 26,000 dollars thus far–so there’s still time to donate

Please follow the link to contribute at the  Sioux City Public Schools Foundation’s website

Danielle Saitta

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