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Commissioning of USS Sioux City closing in

(KTIV) – November 17, 2018. For many, it’s a day that can’t get here soon enough.

That Saturday will be the official commissioning of the USS Sioux City in Annapolis, Maryland.

In February of 2012, the U.S. Navy announced its newest littoral combat ship would bear the name of Iowa’s fourth largest city.

The Navy says the name, “Sioux City”, was chosen to honor the patriotic, hard-working citizens of Sioux City, Iowa, and for their support of, and contributions to, the military.

Work officially began in February of 2014 with the keel-laying ceremony, at a shipyard in northern Wisconsin.

Nearly two years later, on January 30th, 2016, KTIV cameras were there as the ship’s sponsor broke a bottle champagne on the ship’s bow, and the 8-million pound warship splashed into the waters of the Menominee River.

One of those people who has been with the USS Sioux City from the very beginning has been sponsor Mary Winnefeld.

And with just a little over three weeks from its commissioning, Winnefeld said being her sponsor has been a special experience.

“It’s like raising a child,” said Winnefeld. “You are there from the very beginning, watching her grow as she changes. She goes through trials just like a child will. So now she is finally going to be ready to go out into the world. It is truly a special honor to be a sponsor.”

KTIV’s coverage of the commissioning of the USS Sioux City begins on Wednesday, November 14.


KTIV Staff

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