Toy Firearm ordinance adopted by City Council

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) – Within city limits, Sioux City residents can no longer carry B-B, or pellet guns that look like the real thing.
That follows debate and discussion, involving Sioux City Police, at Monday’s city council meeting.

We first told you about the council’s action on “News 4 at Six.”
Two recent robberies involved realistic looking B-B guns according to Sioux City Police.
They say B-B guns, which look like the real thing, lead to more than 50 deaths a year nationwide because law enforcers have mistaken fakes for the real thing.

“It is identical to the real gun. Okay, and if you read the fine print, both guns that I had here today said ‘May cause injury or death’. Okay, these are not the daisy BB guns we had growing up. And really the reason we are here today is that nobody is killed by pulling out a BB gun. By a police officer or a citizen that has the permit to carry.” said Sgt. Scott Hatting, Sioux City Police Dept.

Simply having a realistic looking B-B, or pellet gun, inside city limits, won’t immediately lead to enforcement of the new ordinance.
The way the B-B gun is being used will help officers determine if they will enforce the new ordinance.
For example, if someone has a B-B, or pellet gun, and they’re headed to the practice range, officers won’t enforce the ordinance.

“I want to make sure we don’t have unintended consequences. I don’t want somebody to get picked up because they got their grandkid in the backseat with a new BB gun they just got for Christmas.” said Mayor Bob Scott, Sioux City.

If you have concerns about the new ordinance, council members encourage you to share them at the next city council meeting on Monday, November 19th.

Travis Hoffer

Travis Hoffer

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