Brookdale Community Senior Living celebrates a quarter century of service

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Brookdale Community Senior Living is celebrating a big milestone this year.

For 25 years, the senior living center has served Siouxlanders, including one resident who has called Brookdale home since the very beginning.

“It was a dream, this is a dream,” says Bob Hunt, a resident of 25 years at Brookdale Community.

Dec. 1, 1993, was the day Bob Hunt and his wife Mabel moved into Room 102 at what is now called Brookdale Community Senior Living.

“My wife came home one night from work and I told her about it she wasn’t too enthused about a retirement home but finally she gave in,” says Hunt.

Hunt says the couple lived peacefully, enjoying their retirement together until Mabel got sick and passed away.

“Well it always leaves a void in your heart and you know, but you move on because you never know what tomorrow could be, but it’s enjoyable,” said Aloha Grant, a housekeeper at Brookdale Community. “Yeah, Mabel was one of them that was special.”

“I always told her I said I hope I die first. You keep on living because I don’t want to be all alone,” says Hunt.

Even though his wife is gone, Bob is certainly not alone.

“Well when you know somebody for twenty- five years and he didn’t have any children so we fill that void for him,” says Michele Betsworth, a hairdresser at Brookdale Community.

“It’s just been fun to build my relationship with Bob since I’ve been working here, and whenever I see him I always try to treat him like the VIP that he is,” says Jackie Loghry Pirner, Executive Director at Brookdale Community.

At 88-years-old, Bob has a family who loves him.

“Who’s your girlfriend?” asked reporter Hannah Norton.

“Well, everyone, I guess,” says Hunt.

“You get to come in and it’s just like visiting your grandparents every single day and that is the very best part of working here,” said Pirner. “My grandparents all passed, and so I feel like this is just I have such an extended family of grandparents and I just feel so blessed to work here.”

And Bob Hunt is part of that extended family.

Hannah Norton

Hannah Norton

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